Golf Performance Network

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About Us

GPNs mission is to ensure every golfer has the opportunity to receive evidence-led and experience-proven performance support.

The game of golf is evolving. There is a greater physical demand on players and therefore an increasing emphasis on sports science and medicine support. However, players and performance support teams are often subjected to misinformation and can struggle to sift through the noise.

GPN aims to de-mystify the application of sports science and medicine in golf. Through research-led and experience-proven approaches we'll help players, golf coaches, sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches, therapists and doctors target their efforts where they're needed most. We envisage a performance landscape where everyone understands how they can work effectively together to maximize performance.

Learning and development environment

GPN offers a world-leading learning environment that enables all those interested in golf performance to maximize their impact using sports science and medicine.

Our courses provide exceptional quality, evidence-led and experience-proven approaches to sports science and medicine performance support in golf. They empower golf coaches, sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches therapists and doctors to operate confidently in any performance-driven golf environment.

The certificatation process acts as a clear sign to players, governing bodies and golf organizations that you're well informed, up-to-date and understand how to use sports science and medicine to operate in a high-performance golf environment.

Through our network, you can remain up-to-date with the latest science, hear from some of the best sports science and medicine practitioners in the sport and learn from each other in our online community. This ensures you continue to develop throughout your journey in golf.

The Network

Our network is a community space where you can engage and interact with professionals from wide range of backgrounds - all with an interest in golf. The network comprises of two main spaces.

'The Players Lounge' is a GPN group focused on helping golfers maximize their health, enjoyment, and performance through a better understanding of the science of golf. Through content, webinars/talks, and peer-to-peer support we'll help you level up your game.

'Coaches Corner' is a GPN group focused on helping golf coaches, performance managers, science and medicine practitioners, and other support and coaching staff interested in golf. This group will help you to continue your professional development journey through regular content, webinars/talks, and peer-to-peer engagement with our brilliant community of members.

As well as the collective brilliance you and the group bring to the community, you'll also get:

- The opportunity to engage and interact with players and professionals from wide range of backgrounds - all with an interest in golf

- Regular live video sessions (including webinars, masterminds and Q&A's). These are also recorded to the Network after the event

- Regular content taking a variety of forms, including articles, video's, polls, discussions, research reviews and questions

- Peer to peer discussions, either within the group space or through direct messaging

- You can also post questions, run polls, set up your own events and ask for the group's help with any challenges you have

- An organised library of player resources which will help you to level up your game using the latest science

- Exclusive access to purchase our courses and complete the associated certification/accreditation processes


For people who want to take their knowledge to the next level, we have a focussed package of courses, exclusive to network members. Our headline courses focus on 'Golf Science', 'Physical Preparation' and 'Sports Medicine'. Each course includes a certification process and for people who achieve a pass in all 3, we offer a challenging accreditation assessment. Upon passing our accreditation process, you'll have demonstrated excellence in your understanding and application of sports science and medicine for golf.